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Food Holdings Asia

Company Profile

Company Name                                    Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia Pte Ltd
Head Office Address                             No. 1 Second Chin Bee Road, Singapore 618768
Established                                               April 15th 2019
Capital                                                       SGD $63,034,401
                                                                      Representative Director and CEO: Penny Fang Chen Chun
Directors                                                    Managing Director: Richard Lie Hua Yee
                                                                      Director: Shun Ando
                                                                      Director: Nadia Yang Yujuan
Business                                                     Holding company of shareholding food-related companies. Regional Head Office,                                                                                               Centralised Administrative and Subsidiary Management Office.
Main Shareholders                                Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K., Lau Seow Hua, Penny Fang Chen Chun, Richard Lie Hua Yee,
                                                                      Nadia Yang Yujuan
Consolidated Sales                               SGD $77.33 million (FYP 2021) 
No. Of Consolidated Employees       150 (As of Dec 2021)


Vision & Mission

Our Vision Is to grow and nurture the business and its people

Our Mission Is to revitalise small and medium food businesses facing difficulties in succession and expansion by incorporating them into our network of companies


Penny graduated in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (MBA), with more than 30 years experience in seafood business, through Sin Hin Frozen Food Pte Ltd. From a small home-based business of two staff supplying seafood to a small market in Singapore, she has turned Sin Hin to a market leader in the import and export of seafood in Asia. Its best-selling product, a brand of ready-to-eat prawns called “EMERALD”, has constantly achieved the top sales position in Singapore major supermarket chain, NTUC FairPrice.

She was also appointed as 1st Vice President of Singapore Seafood Association (2008-2010).

Penny Fang Chen Chun
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia Pte Ltd.

Our History

December 2017

Acquisition of JSTT Singapore Pte Ltd by Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K

Acquisition of Sin Hin Frozen Food Pte Ltd by Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K

September 2018

April 2019

Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K established Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia in Singapore

Acquisition of Pacific Sorby Pte Ltd by Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia

May 2019

April 2019

Acquisition of NKR Continental Pte Ltd by Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia


What We Do

Many small and medium food businesses have excellent products and technology but face difficulties with succession and expansion due to weaknesses in certain departments and the lack of successors. We seek to reinvigorate these businesses by integrating them into our network where small and medium food businesses can tap on one another’s strengths and work in synergy to achieve mutually beneficial growth.

Cost savings from merging production processes and logistics

Tap on our extensive sales network throughout the Asia Pacific region

More product development opportunities through partnerships with other subsidiaries

Centralization of business department for enhanced business management

Receive resources required to achieve greater manufacturing efficiency


Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K

Japan Head Quarter

If the food industry is a vast ocean, Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K. is a fleet that never stops venturing and seeking out promising vessels to journey with. Together, the fleet becomes stronger as vessels leverage upon one another's strength to navigate the ocean that is volatile, yet full of undiscovered opportunities.

The CEO, Mr Motohisa Yoshimura, founded Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K. on the belief that many small to medium food businesses have untapped potential that could be realized by being part of a "small and medium-sized enterprise support platform". The support platform, as envisioned by Mr Yoshimura, provides the know-how and support required to address the difficulties faced by the subsidiaries. Driven by mutual support and collaboration, the group of companies work in synergy to achieve greater heights.

First established on 18th March, 2008, Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K. has since acquired 20 small to medium food businesses and achieved 29.2 billion yen in consolidated sales as of February 2021. With the leadership of the Chief Financial Officer, Mr Shun Ando, the Company was successfully listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017.

Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K Office
Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K Office

Company Profile

Company Name                                    Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K.
Head Office Address                             18F Fukoku Seimei Bldg., 2-2-2 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Established                                               March 18th 2008
Capital                                                       $1,107,621,000 yen
                                                                      Representative Director and CEO: Motohisa Yoshimura
                                                                      Director and CFO: Shun Ando
                                                                      Director: Takao Kitabori
Directors                                                    Director: Hiroyuki Takada
                                                                      Director: Motoyuki Otake
                                                                      Auditor: Osamu Tanaka
                                                                      Auditor: Isao Takemura
                                                                      Auditor: Jun Ikeda
Business                                                     Holding company of shareholding food-related companies. Production and sales of varied                                                                            foods through subsidiaries.
Main Shareholders                                Motohisa Yoshimura (Representative Director and CEO), KOKOBU GROUP CORP., JAPAN                                                                                          TOBACCO INC., others
Consolidated Sales                               $29.2 billion yen (consolidated term February 2021) 
No. Of Consolidated Employees       1,287 (As of end of February 2021)


Yoshimura CEO.png

When I studied in the USA, I was surprised to see the many types of Japanese food and to taste their deliciousness.

At the same time, I also thought that Japanese food culture had not reached its full potential. In Japan, there are many SMEs making delicious foods which the world does not know about.

In order to protect, nurture and spread these foods, I believe that we can greatly widen their potential by supporting both the management and business.

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Motohisa Yoshimura
Representative Director and CEO

Ando Shun was born in Musasino, Tokyo.
After graduating from Keio Univesity(Faculty of Economics) in 2002, he began working at YKK Corporation and moved to Resona Capital Co.,Ltd in 2007.

In 2008, he joined Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K. and has been responsible for supervising administration, M&A operations, and the development of overseas business.

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Shun Ando
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), General Manager Of Administration Headquarters

Shun Ando.jpg

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