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Food Holdings Asia

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Cross Training Opportunities

With more than 20 subsidiaries across Singapore and Japan. There will be opportunities to work in different subsidiaries or work at our Japan Headquarter.

What we value

At Yoshimura Food Holdings Asia, we value people's passion for their work. We value openness and curiosity. We have high aspirations and take action to pursue them. We recognize that today's harvest is the result of previous hard work, and that the progress we've accomplished today determines the vision for tomorrow. We believe in working hard while having fun, and we appreciate the scenery as we strive toward our goals.

To develop a productive and healthy long-term relationships with all fellow employees, customers, suppliers, and other organizations with whom we interact, we emphasize cooperation, team-work, and caring. We strive to maximize goodwill and overall satisfaction in the execution of our vision and mission by approaching all connections with a customer service mindset.


Full Time Positions

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